University of Indonesia Competition | Jakarta, Indonesia | 2011
Manufacturing Research Centre
Designed by Auzie Triratnamurti

In January 2011, the Engineering Faculty of University of Indonesia held a competition to design a building for Manufacturing Research Centre (MRC). The building has a maximum height of seven floors and a basement for utilities. From the calculations based on 2020 projections, it should be able to accommodate the number of users that consists of 500 people/ students and 50 employees.

Composite is a material made of two or more substances that remain separate and distinct in the macroscopic level while forming a single component.

Material Composition

Cor-Ten Steel
Commonly referred to weathering steel. "Weathering" means that because of their chemical composition, corrosion resistance of the steel is increased compared to the non-mixed, since under the influence of weather the steel forms a special protective coating on its surface. Cor-ten steel is a composition of copper, chromium, manganese, and nickel.
Polycarbonate Panels
Besides that the price is very economical compared to glass, polycarbonate also has a higher endurance. As an exterior material, polycarbonate is used in this building in spaces that require only a breakdown of sunlight and view is not necessary.


Use Of Material
Cor-ten steel is one type of material that has a fairly high level of sustainability due to its resistance to weather, as well as maintenance-free.
Natural Air Circulation
With the adequate number and size of the openings, the natural air circulation will easily be achieved in almost every room in this building.
Natural Lighting
Although the building is rather wide, with some big voids that are almost typical on each floor, up to the openings on the roof, the sunlight can penetrate every room including the ones in the central axis of the building.
Green Space
The green space emerges as the natural elements that support the efficient use of carbon, which is one of the components of Green Metric. Green space is also serves as the aesthetic of the building, presented in balconies and roof garden located on the north side of the building. Moreover the vines are also grown on the outside walls on the east side of the curtain wall and at the sky bridge.
Sun Panels
In accordance with one of the MRC space program is the use of the building for Solar Cell Lab and similar research of the solar resource. The roof construction of this building is composed of steel frame and panels that allows the installation of sun panels.

Circulation System
The circulation system is comprised with the horizontal circulation within buildings as well as a connecting bridge between the two building blocks, the vertical circulation of lifts, the main stairs and emergency stairs at the rear of both buildings.