Interior Design | The Hague, Netherlands | 2013
Coloring Book Nursery
: Interior Design for a baby nursery room
Designed by Auzie Triratnamurti

The main idea of the nursery design is an interpretation of a children's coloring book. This includes the use of neutral white color as a blank paper complemented by some careful choice of colorful details such as carpet or even just the books and toys displayed on the specially designed wall shelf. This idea is also combined with a literal translation of a coloring book on the wall drawings. These single line images are hand drawn directly on the wall in forms of simple drawings with familiar stories for children, such as pets with their funny behaviors or framed pictures of the mother and the father.

Another idea of this nursery is to have a room that grows along with the child. Therefore everything that is designed or fitted out in this room has to be something flexible to all ages of the child, including the choice of baby furnitures such as a baby bed that is extendable according to child's age and a changing table that can be converted into a study table. The room also needs to be genderless, should the child gets a younger sibling and therefore needs to share the room with her or him. This nursery was created out of what used to be a guest bedroom in this house, which is why a sofa bed needs to be present in this room in order to keep it suitable for close guests to stay over.